About Us

With a strong focus on finding solutions that work, X GROUP Technologies mitigates impacts on land, water and the atmosphere, supporting over-stressed natural habitats to better sustain life on Earth into the future.


  • Proven and mature technology for waste treatment with recovery of metals and other chemical compounds from waste sources, employing novel technologies for isolation, purification and conversion of targeted values into metals, nitrogenous salts and other saleable commodities 


  • Fund, design and construction of modular processing plants including containerised process laboratory, maintenance and auxiliary facilities 


  • Cost effective remediation of environmental impacts and legacy liabilities from historical and current operations where final effluent water qualities may be tailored for domestic, agricultural or industrial uses.


Processing industries all over the world have created huge waste liabilities. Left untreated these liabilities will continue to impact global environment threatening quality of life of future generations. X GROUP Technologies, applied to these wastes, reduces future environmental liabilities while creating value and secure employment.