ENVEX is focused on low-cost recovery of metal value from calcine tailings, metallurgical residues, effluents and spent catalysts. The company employs novel hydrometallurgical technologies under exclusive license from IPEX for:

  • Cost-effective recovery of vanadium from current and discontinued calcine tailings facilities, process effluents, contaminated groundwaters, spent catalysts, fly ash, etc. 

  • Production of various metal salts employing selective leaching and ion exchange purification techniques

  • Conversion of recovered salts into high-purity compounds including sodium ammonium vanadate, potvan (KVO₃), vanadium oxalate, vanadyl sulphate/chloride (VRB electrolyte), base metal sulphates/hydroxides and others
    The technology finds application in recovery of a range of valuable metals (Cu, Co, Zn, Pb, Ni, Li, Mo, etc...)