IPEX is focussed on the development and improvement of innovative hydrometallurgical technologies used by the group inter alia: 

  • Refinement of core technology to expand potential fields of application of IX 

  • Recovery of metal values from low grade resources such as vanadium calcine tailings for conversion into premium products of purities in excess of 99.5%

  • Conversion of nuisance salts into nitrogenous compounds for final effluent recycling into industrial, agricultural and domestic applications

  • Developing new methods for improved efficiency of recovery and production of high-demand compounds 


The IPEX calcine reprocessing technology with heap leaching operations and IX recovery has been proven at commercial scales previously at Wapadskloof on Transvaal Alloys tailings and currently under license by ENVEX on the tailings of a major primary vanadium producer in Witbank. 

  • Site establishment and plant construction within 3 months 

  • Regular product delivery commenced within 1 month of commissioning 

  • Steady state within three months of commissioning and operating profitably on an influent concentration of less than 300ppm V₂O₅

  • Average plant availability above 98%

Three Stage Ion Exchange Plant